How to make a Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE and Dubai

beach wedding in seychelles


UAE expatriates have to follow a new procedure. As from now on all wedding certificates MUST be attested by the UAE embassy in Seychelles.   

How to register your Seychelles Wedding in UAE

The civil weddings performed in Seychelles are recognized worldwide including UAE.

We got you married in Seychelles and you have returned home to UAE, you have received the following important documents:

Now it is time that the UAE authorities register your foreign marriage in UAE. Follow the below steps to have your wedding certificate legalized as this is the only way that the UAE will recognize your new martial status. Read more

Seychelles public holidays

The Seychelles public holidays for year 2013:

Seychelles Official holidays:
New Year – 1st & 2nd January
Labour Day – 1st May
Liberation Day – 5th June
National Day – 18th June
Independence Day – 29th June

Seychelles Religious holidays:
Good Friday – 29th March
Easter Sunday – 31st March
Corpus Christi – 30th May
Assumption Day – 15th August
All Saints’ Day – 1st November
Immaculate Conception – 8th December
Christmas Day – 25th December

Seychelles History – the early Days

Seychelles History: For a long period of time (we are taking centuries) the Seychelles archipelago remain a unknown. The Arabs traders have been the first mentioning the islands in the 12th century. The Arab traders discovered the unique coco der mer, the mystical nut became a high value merchandise, and the location of the islands became a secret.

At the early 16th century Portuguese sailors and Vasco da Gama, crossing from India to East Africa, sighted the Islands which became known as the Amirantes. The granitic islands began to appear on Portuguese maps as the ‘The Seven Sisters’ and ‘The Brothers’. Read more

The Seychelles Visa Requirements

I case you plan a travel to the Seychelles, just have a look on the Seychelles Visa requirements, before you start your trip. According the Department of Immigration there is no Visa for you or your family members required to enter the Seychelles. When entering the Seychelles by aircraft or boat you must present the following documents to the immigration officer, to receive a Visitor’s Permit when you arrive. Read more