How to register your Seychelles Wedding in UAE

How to register your Seychelles Wedding in UAE


UAE expatriates have to follow a new procedure. As from now on all wedding certificates MUST be attested by the UAE embassy in Seychelles. There is no need any more to visit the Seychelles embassy in Abu Dhabi. 

The civil weddings performed in Seychelles are recognized worldwide including UAE.

We got you married in Seychelles and you have returned home to UAE, you have received the following important documents:

Now it is time that the UAE authorities register your foreign marriage in UAE. Follow the below steps to have your wedding certificate legalized as this is the only way that the UAE will recognize your new martial status. Read more

Seychelles Lonely Planet Top destination

Lonely Planet 2014 – Seychelles Top Honeymoon / Wedding Destination

Seychelles Seychelles, a top notch holiday destination for its exotic beaches and panoramic ocean view. The republic of Seychelles has become one of the first holiday hangout countries for weddings, honeymooners and the celebrities in every field across all domains which have been proudly enlisted in Lonely Planet’s top ten lists.

With enhanced connectivity from across the world with the help of airlines like Etihad, Air Seychelles and especially Emirates who are providing an extensive 12 flights from Dubai to Mahe and also several multiple connectivity from UK. This country of islands has come within the reach of the middle class too. No matter whatever is your lookout and budget, you are sure to experience a vacation of memories and delight for a lifetime. Read more

Seychelles Messe Hamburg

Seychelles in the spotlight at Hamburg Travel Fair

Seychelles Good news for german couples which like to go for a “Hochzeit oder Flitterwochen”. It is perhaps the best combination of beauty with technology as the beautiful country of islands Seychelles becomes the official partner of the Hamburg Travel Fair of Germany. Seychelles made the most of the moment as both the CEO of Seychelles Tourism board Mr.Sherin Naiken and minister of the Seychelles Island’s tourism and culture board Mr.Alain St.Ange flew in assisted with Bernadette Willemin, their Board’s Paris Based Director for Europe. This auspicious occasion was accompanied by joined by Edith Hunzinger, the Manager of the Seychelles Frankfurt Office, and Christine Vel, the Senior Marketing Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board,Paris. Read more

Seychelles chinese wedding couple

Culture – Seychelles celebrates first China Day

Seychelles It was an evening of colors and enchanting Chinese culture at the opening event of China Day celebrations where lion dancers of the Shanghai Jinshan Art group performed which was succeeded by mouth watering Chinese food and also Seychelles-China Day Celebrations was also marked by a lottery draw and prize giving of the Seychelles-China Day Celebrations photo competition. It was one of the many successful event hosted at podium. Read more