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Denis Island Holidays

If Lara Croft or Indiana Jones has been one of your favourite characters then Robinson Crusoe Island is the place to be in. With world of hidden treasures and excitement to venturing into the unknown world of nature this island has it all. With variety of flora and fauna and historically marked sites will surely interest you and make you wonder of its beauty with values.

Denis Island Activities

Sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, fishing, diving and snorkelling in the sparkling waters are some of the best measures which will treat you in its best suit. Not only this terrestrial activities will enjoy visits to the farm, hiking the island’s meandering pathways and also our guided nature walks that explore the island’s rich flora and fauna.

Denis Island travel seychellois

Denis is a Self Sustainable Island

A complete sustainable developement is the key role that the administrative part is playing as one can see efforts being undertaken on a daily basis to protect the stunning natural surroundings, organic methods are used to meet the needs of the island’s guests and inhabitants, . Rearing poultry for meat and eggs, cattle for milk, vegetables, fruits and herbs grown in soil and also finest island style hospitality with that unique Seychellois flair.

Self Comfortable is the Base

Furniture is fashioned at the island’s workshop from the timber of the island’s forest; water is drawn and desalinated from underground wells and supplemented by rain catchment reservoirs. Denis Private Island massage and wellness treatments can done easily as the natural oils extracted from the island’s coconut trees are used as well as sand from our powder soft beaches.

Holidays and Nature

Back to Nature

The serenity and the luxury is all that you can expect from this island as turquoise waters surrounding the island unravels an exotic marine life – an ideal location for snorkelling, swimming and diving enthusiasts alike especially in the months of December and January months when tortoise breeding season arrives as one can have a great opportunity to have sightings of these beautiful creatures.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Be ready to live, dream and stay in the nature’s lap for a life changing experience for you and your loved ones as one can quench that thirst with some fresh coconut water ‘Island Style’ which will be guided by our tour-guide for skills cutting open some lovely coconuts for you to have a taste! Evenings will be never like before as beautiful sun setting over horizon and your footprints sinking in the soft sand will leave you in another world of serenity all, this makes Denis Island holidays so special.

Enjoy your holidays