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Lonely Planet 2014 – Seychelles Top Honeymoon / Wedding Destination

Seychelles Seychelles, a top notch holiday destination for its exotic beaches and panoramic ocean view. The republic of Seychelles has become one of the first holiday hangout countries for weddings, honeymooners and the celebrities in every field across all domains which have been proudly enlisted in Lonely Planet’s top ten lists.

With enhanced connectivity from across the world with the help of airlines like Etihad, Air Seychelles and especially Emirates who are providing an extensive 12 flights from Dubai to Mahe and also several multiple connectivity from UK. This country of islands has come within the reach of the middle class too. No matter whatever is your lookout and budget, you are sure to experience a vacation of memories and delight for a lifetime.

If you are a honeymooner or enjoying your solitude then prepare to visit the breathtaking views of the North Islands where some of the most expensive and elite class resorts are there, where one will get lost in the beauty and solitude of the same place where Duke and Duchess spent some of their most intimate time. If affordability is stinging you then also plan to get the taste of local living resorts like at B&B’s like the Bord Mer at Beau Vallon Bay, holiday apartments like the Pied dans L’Eau or self-catering establishments like the Chalets d’ Anse Forban . Price will not at all constraint the luxury or experience as last two place to hop in is situated facing the great Indian Ocean right at the beach.

Lonely Planet Top Destination 2014

With its inclusion in Lonely Planet’s top ten lists in 2014 holiday destination, this country of islands in the Northwest of Indian Ocean has drawn attention of the travel experts in Victoria. With the release of the calendar year (The Seychelles) in few days which starts with China Day between January 31st to 2nd February 2014, the whole tourism scenario is prime for visiting this country. The mystery of beauty has compel Lonely Planet to review it as “These 115 divine islands strewn across the peacock-blue Indian Ocean have all the key ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, but their reputation as a millionaire’s playground may have kept you away.

Good news: on top of exclusive island hideaways and elegant eco-villas, you can benefit from the wallet-friendlier B&Bs, picturesque Creole guest-houses and self-catering apartments that have sprung up over the past decade. And if expensive air tickets deterred you from visiting, rejoice! Increased competition has dramatically changed the situation over the past few years. And there’s much more to do than sipping cocktails on the beach. Hiking, diving, snorkeling, boat tours and other adventure options are all readily available, with the added appeal of grandiose scenery.

Wildlife lovers will get a buzz too – Seychelles is not dubbed ‘The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’ for nothing”. With the endless energy and innovation of the tourism department of the Republic of Seychelles is sure to set a benchmark is best in demand tourist destination.

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