To get started we email you a checklist & info page

You must email the following required documents:

1. First two pages of your passport
2. Birth Certificate
3. Certificate of Non-Impediment (for Russian, French Citizens only)

If applicaple:
4. If previously married: Divorce certificate
5. If widowed: Death certificate of former spouse
6. If your name has changed: Procide legal proof

Documents point 2-6 must be in English or French language, if the language is different a certified translation is required

Once we have received the documents (you can send them by email), we start the paperwork with the Registrar


When you travel to the Seychelles, you must bring all original documents or certified copies thereof. Once you have arrived we arrange a meet and greet engagement session to make sure your wedding will proceed smootly. Note: The couple must be present in Seychelles at least 2 nights prior to the civil wedding ceremony.

Your wedding takes place weekdays from Monday to Friday, exept public holidays. In case you like to get married on a weekend add 150€ for fees.


We do our utmost to provide the Marriage Certificate including Apostille within 2-3 working days after your ceremony.

* More Information is availabe at the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB)
* French passport holders have a different procedure, please contact us.
* Minimum age to get married is 18 years.