Seychelles Messe Hamburg

Seychelles in the spotlight at Hamburg Travel Fair

Seychelles Good news for german couples which like to go for a “Hochzeit oder Flitterwochen”. It is perhaps the best combination of beauty with technology as the beautiful country of islands Seychelles becomes the official partner of the Hamburg Travel Fair of Germany. Seychelles made the most of the moment as both the CEO of Seychelles Tourism board Mr.Sherin Naiken and minister of the Seychelles Island’s tourism and culture board Mr.Alain St.Ange flew in assisted with Bernadette Willemin, their Board’s Paris Based Director for Europe. This auspicious occasion was accompanied by joined by Edith Hunzinger, the Manager of the Seychelles Frankfurt Office, and Christine Vel, the Senior Marketing Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board,Paris.

All in one it was mini Seychelles at Hamburg, Germany to promote the beautiful Indian Oceanic Islands. It was a perfect podium to promote Seychelles in the world forum of tourism.

The opening ceremony was addressed by Bernd Aufderheide, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hamburg Messe und Congress, and addressed the opening event with Mr. Ange of Seychelles and said “This is a great opportunity for Seychelles. It will go a long way to help keep our beautiful islands visible and relevant as the favourite holiday destination for Germans,” At this fair cultural troupe from the islands was performing as two visual artists showed off their works of art depicting Seychelles culture.

This event was covered by “Die Welt” one of the leading newspaper in Germany who covered the whole event in details and some of the key areas where “Die Welt” made questions and received great replies from the authority were about affordability of the Seychelles and on the efforts being made by the government of the islands to promote the home grown smaller tourism accommodation establishments.

Another great report that has been published by the same was reported on the environment policy of the Seychelles which is aimed at preservation at all costs, and where over 50% of the island’s total land area has today been declared nature parks. The whole event was succeeded by series of press conferences, television and written interviews of the Seychelles minister who took the importance of Germany as tourism market for Seychelles.

The minister of Seychelles told to press that “Germany is today our second most important tourism market and it is growing by the day”. The total protocol was assisted by Max Hunzinger, the Seychelles Honorary Consul in Frankfurt

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