Honeymoon in Seychelles – giving you memories for a lifetime!

Looking for a romantic honeymoon in the most fantastic destinations of the world, well Seychelles is one of the most romantic corners of the world where you can enjoy your holidays and take away the best moments of your life. It is a home to a number of private beaches and the natural beauty of the place includes graphite and coral isles.

Beautiful Seychelles Islands

Seychelles is a land of beauty and you can find it in national parks, Creole houses and almost everywhere. You can also be a part of a number of excursions which will include the benefits and excitement of discovering hidden beaches, snorkelling, sailing and many other water sports.

World’s most wanted getaways for Honeymoon

According to a recent survey, it is called as the world’s most wanted getaways for honeymoon voted by the tourist themselves. The most sought out attractions of the place include sandy beaches with clear water. It might be the dream of every couple to walk hands in hands on the quite sandy beaches that stretch across miles. You can indulge in a number of activities on these beaches which may include sharing a kiss, soaking in the sun, indulging in any water sport or you can even dine under the stars and enjoy the natural beauty around you! It definitely makes up for the best honeymoon in the world.

Celebrities enjoy their Honeymoon in Privacy

The island has seen many celebrities who have come here to enjoy their honeymoon in privacy. Will and Kate are one of them who chose Seychelles as their dream honeymoon destination. Apart from them there are many other famous business tycoons and celebrities from all the fields flooding in this place. Leonardo DeCaprio and Jennifer Aniston are some of the Hollywood celebrities who have enjoyed their honeymoon here.

The nearby smaller islands are also much popular and people come here to enjoy themselves. Most of these small resorts have only one or two resorts so it is a great opportunity for the love birds to keep the complete island to themselves. Some of the nearby smaller islands include Silhouette, Denis Private Island and Bird. These islands are also considered to be ideal destination for honeymoon.