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Culture – Seychelles celebrates first China Day

Seychelles It was an evening of colors and enchanting Chinese culture at the opening event of China Day celebrations where lion dancers of the Shanghai Jinshan Art group performed which was succeeded by mouth watering Chinese food and also Seychelles-China Day Celebrations was also marked by a lottery draw and prize giving of the Seychelles-China Day Celebrations photo competition. It was one of the many successful event hosted at podium.

After the speech of St.Ange Mr. Pierre Laporte, the Minister responsible for Finance, Trade and Investment has honoured the event as he said “We sincerely hope that this festival will grow and become a major annual festive event to showcase all aspects of Chinese culture, which will enable the people of Seychelles – especially those with Chinese ancestry – to learn and appreciate all that China has to offer in the field of cultural exchange programs. This will enable us to finally recognize our Chinese roots and ancestral connections and all set to become an annual event or the people of Seychelles.”

It was like bridging with the culture and ethnic origin of the country with their ancestors as Mr. Minister Laporte further added to speech that “the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture has over the past several years, organized festivals that encourage the people of Seychelles to recognize and to re-connect with the country’s ethnic and cultural origins” and went on to say that “firm circle of friends with the five nations who make up Seychelles’ cultural and ethnic origins.”It was a complete culture cycle for the Seychelles as it has been found out that the first Chinese immigrants arrived in Seychelles around 1886.  The minister added few stanzas to his line by saying “This being the semaine de la Francophonie, FetAfrik, Commonwealth Day, Seychelles-India Day Celebrations, and now the Seychelles-China Day Celebrations, which we are launching for the first time today, all of which finally complete the firm circle of friends, with the five nations who make up our cultural and ethnic origins and which culminates in what we are celebrated in our Festival Kreol every October.”

In other words it was a ride back to old home sweet home for the Chinese origins of the Seychelles and also with it the total cycle touching all the origins of the country was completed  as Benjamine Rose, the Principal Secretary of Culture said “the Culture Department now ensures that the full circle of Seychelles origins is recognized”.

This was not at all a single day plan that turned out to be a successful ones instead this event was conceptualized by Minister Alain St.Ange and Shi Zhongjun, the Ambassador to People’s Republic of China almost six months ago and all done to escalate the recognition of every origin including Chinese in the beautiful country of Seychelles. Ambassador Shi Zhogjun on his part gave his blessing to the Seychelles-China Day Celebrations. It was indeed one of the best successful ones in the list of great events hosted at Seychelles.

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